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  11/30/2007 1:53:23 AM

Recently, I got fed up with using the FCKEditor.  The biggest problem, for some reason I cannot find any resources online, is that it seems to have issues when there is content on the same page loaded after it.  Under normal circumstances of a hosted situation, I never run into this problem.  In an hosted environment, the delay in the files being loaded actually helps the rendering.  My pages have AJAX rounded corner extender.  They tend to render a bit slower.  While hosted, the extender still renders a bit faster than the FCKEditor.  No problems there.  Problems started recently, as I started to include external references such as images or a video from YouTube.  These references definitely load slower than the FCKEditor.  As a result, the editor disappears.
I finally got fed up, and decided to do something about it.  A fellow .netter told me about Obout.  I was pleasently surprised by what they had to offer.  Granted neither of them play nicely with AJAX's Update Panel, I got it to work with what I need.  I was very happy that the Obout editor comes with Spell Check already configured with a dictionary.
There are still some other little features of the FCKEditor that I like over this.  For example, you can put the cursor on a piece of text which already has a link attached, click on the "add link" button, and it will go back to the same URL editor with all the info.  It's a bit better for those that don't know HTML.  With Obout, anything that is done, either has to be removed and redone, or modified in the HTML mode.
Well, I guess there is no perfect thing yet.  I will continue to look though...

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8/29/2011 1:41:49 AM

Hi Ramesh,

I've never had problems binding data to comboboxes.  Are you working with the updated set of controls or old ones?
8/29/2011 12:27:28 AM


I am facing a problem when using the obout combobox . when i bind a datasource to the combo i am getting the below error

The Controls collection cannot be modified because the control contains code blocks (i.e. <% ... %>).

Can anyone plz help me?
5/12/2011 6:21:02 AM

Good very nice
11/30/2010 6:57:29 PM

Hi Maram,

I am sorry, but I am not familiar with NASS Ref Numbers.
11/30/2010 5:12:01 PM

10/4/2010 5:16:18 AM

hi, please provide me Microsoft's ajax html editor, character count
4/20/2010 4:06:15 PM

Hi fghh,
What is it that you need help with? I can try my best.
4/19/2010 3:25:03 AM

hi, pls help me
4/1/2010 3:21:59 AM

rtghrthrtwtherh shtwhw wtehy hwteh
10/8/2009 4:50:26 PM

Hi Dan James,

Sorry for the late reply.  I've been quite busy these days.

I did not use the tab control on my pages.  However, I do have the multiple view control wrapping the UpdatePanel, which then contains the Obout Editor.  With my pages, I do not have any problem changing from one view to the other, even after posting back.  I cannot speak for tab view though.

However, with the UpdatePanel, my experience is if you are posting back, and performing some operations with the contents inside the UpdatePanel, then the Obout Editor also needs to be within the UpdatePanel if you need its values.  I do experience the occasional slow rendering issues with the Obout Editor.  I am contributing that to my hosting service because I do not experience it in development, only when I host it.

I am not sure if I have answered your questions.  If not, try hitting up Obout.  Their support is quite good.

Good luck!
Dan James
10/4/2009 1:57:36 PM

Whoops my post about the Obout HTML editor went to the wrong blog entry!! Sorry about that - Still if you have any info can you let me know. Cheers
Dan James
10/4/2009 1:55:58 PM

BoogieMan - In terms of getting the Obout control to work with an UpdatePanel - what was the solution exactly? My situation is I've got a tab page (Ajax control toolkit). One one tab is the HTML editor, and on another tab an UpdatePanel. When a control inside the UpdatePanel posts back, the editor control on the other tab dissapears. Also, occasionally with a tab if I switch back and forth between them quickly it also dissapears. Is that similar to the issue you were having? What was the solution? Thanks
Felipe Junges
9/15/2009 6:19:17 AM

Drun, try changing "NoUnicode" property to true, and test ü, and other chars like these!
9/15/2009 3:58:49 AM

Hi Drun,

Did you happen to leave that comment using IE or Firefox?  If you happen to have used FF, your special ü showed up just fine.  I am using Chrome to leave this message and it's fine.

BTW, I am still using a slightly older build which I got directly from Obout.
9/15/2009 3:53:42 AM

Hi and thank you very much for the information you provided so far for the HTML-Editor. We're also using FCKeditor for our running Website (Wiki Part on, but as we encountered problems with Firefox, we want to switch to AJAX HTML Editor. But now, that we see, that it also still brings problems with Firefox (character conversions (e.g. from "ü" to "?")) we're waiting for a fix of this circumstance in the Ajax Tool Kit.

If anybody find's a reliable solution which covers the needs for at least IE and Firefox, please send us a hint to info   at
or contact me (member: drun) on our website.

Greetings from germany and thank you very much,
9/14/2009 2:13:55 PM

Thanks Felipe,

Sorry I couldn't have been more help.  Any updated info would be appreciated.

Felipe Junges
9/14/2009 2:06:54 PM

Hey BoogieMan!
Again, thanks for your help!

I did what you suggested: typed "test" a looot of times in editor, go to HTML mode, back to editor, cut and paste, go to HTML mode: oh-oh! Some spaces are missing!

I'll wait, eventualy search on Google, cause is not a BIIG issue. If I find anything, I warn you!!

9/11/2009 11:41:24 AM

Hi Felipe,

I understand what you are having problems with now.  I think you might want to try to contact Obout directly.  I don't know if you are aware of this.  If you select the body of text from the editor, copy it, and paste it back, the HTML changes.

You can try this.
1.  Type something in the Design Mode.
2.  Switch to the HTML Text.
3.  Switch back to Design Mode.
4.  Do the Copy-Paste you mentioned.
5.  Switch to the HTML Text.

You will see the editor actually adds a lot of HTML formatting to the content.  I am not sure that it's the best use model.  I know it does the same thing when you copy and paste from other web pages.

My suspicion is that the combination of html and special characters is causing the problem.

Try these two things and see if your error still exists.
1.  Try the copy and paste in the HTML Text mode.
2.  When pasting, right-click in the Editor and use Paste Plain Text.

Another quick test might be to paste the copied content to a text editor and see if that's trimmed at 72 characters.  Then you will know if the problem is in the copy or paste.

Sorry I can't solve this one for you.  You might need to go to the source for this.  Obout's support IS quite good though.
Felipe Junges
9/11/2009 7:35:11 AM

Hi BoogieMan!
Tks for your help! ;)

Well... I'm thinking in making a video and post on Youtube, because my problem is so specific that is hard to explain (on English then... ;))

Let me try to explain on the "user point": the user start to type. After 1 minuto, my Timer saves the draft on the DB (post back*). After, the most part of the users feel insecure, then they CUT and PASTE the text. Bingo! At each 72 chars, the space are cutted.

* The post back can be the action of clicking in that button that shows the html for the text.
** If you ask me: "why the users do CTRL X - CTRL V", or "why they feel insecure", or... I just can say... "I Don't know!!"

Tks a lot!!
9/2/2009 2:39:41 AM

Hi Felipe,

Unfortunately, I do not experience the same problem.  I do not use the autosave or save draft function with the Editor.  I used a timer control, and save a new draft every minute to my DB.  I've wrapped the whole thing inside an Update Panel so that I don't experience problems when it saves while I am typing.  However, I still experience a bit of delay in the Editor when it saves.

I used to use IE exclusively.  Since the release of Chrome, I've been using Chrome and FF 99% of the time.  I don't experience any difference in behavior for the different browsers.  I just see a few minor layout issues, which I have not bothered to fix.

Are you seeing the error only when you postback?
9/2/2009 2:29:55 AM

Hi 4321423,

Sorry to get back to you so late.  Are you still having the problems?  Are you able to be more specific with the problems?  I can't promise I can solve it, but I will try.
Felipe Junges
9/1/2009 7:59:53 AM

Hey, BoogieMan, it's me again!!
My AjaxToolKit HTMLEditor has a little problem, and I've downloaded Obout HTML Editor, and I noticed that both have same issue. Have you tested it:

Type a big text in the editor. Do a postback (like "Save a draft"), then, CUT the text, and Paste again. At each 72 chars, the space between the words are cutted.
Only in FF. In IE and chrome it works fine.

If you have some time, could you test in your project (in Firefox), and tell me if the same thing happends??

Felipe (Brazil)
7/8/2009 1:56:39 PM

Hi 4321423,

Unfortunately, my computer is out of service right now.  I will comment once I can revive it.
7/7/2009 2:09:37 PM

I am having issues with Obout HTML editor in a MS Ajax UpdatePanel. I get alot of javascript object required errors.
Any tips? Can't find any info anywhere.
7/3/2009 6:57:21 AM

Hey man, sorry! I was taking a look in the comments in the post of my blog, and 'cause my blog is in Portuguese, any comment in english I consider spam.
But when I clicked "Delete" in Comments list (without really read the text), I saw your nick, but the it was too late!!

Sorry! If you want, you're invited to comment (in english) again!!
Felipe Junges
7/1/2009 2:25:47 PM

Sure! The first test that I made is just a Editor, a button and a Label.
Detail: in IE, it works just fine, the problem is with Firefox.

Can you tell me if the Obout component has and what's the default value of property "NoUnicode" ?
I have changed it to "TRUE", and everything is working now (cause now he's changing some caracteres the their code). But I don't know if this is the best option, causa "false" is the default value...

Thanks a lot, and sorry for my BAD BAD english!!

7/1/2009 12:45:03 PM

Hi Felipe,

I am not sure what is doing with their site.  I get the same behavior.  However, this comment GUI is using the Obout HTML Editor.  Your two past posts suggest that there is no issue with the Editor.  Did you try setting up a simple page that posts the contents to a label?
7/1/2009 12:09:51 PM

Hi!! Thanks for the awnser!
You can see what I'm teeling in the demo page of the Control Toolkit page:

If you type that chars I've told (á, é, ... (that the portuguese language are full of...)), and clic in "submit content", those letters are replaced by that ? caracter.

I tested it on a lot of machines, in Firefox... If you try, what happends?

Thanks a lot!!
6/26/2009 4:43:35 PM

Hi Felipe,

I don't think the problem you are experiencing are with the HTML Editor.  I've used it with other languages and unicode.  Are you storing the content into MSSQL?  Make sure you are using the datatype with "n" in front like ntext or nvarchar.

I have not yet tried the HTMLEditor that is now in the AJAX Toolkit since we do have a purchased one from Obout.  I've been wanting to try it, but have not had the time.

If your problem is not with SQL, maybe you can explain when you are seeing the problem?  Maybe you can first try pushing the content directly to a label first to see if the problem is in the Editor.
6/26/2009 3:58:53 PM

I'm having problems with AjaxControlToolkit HTMLEditor + Firefox + UpdatePanel

The chars. á é í ó ú ç for exemple (in Brazil, we use this chars), are replaced by ?, in utf or iso...

You've said in 3/6/08 that you could help?
6/10/2009 2:38:47 PM

In case there might be people out there looking for info about the Obout HTML editor, as of May, 2009, the 3.0.30512 release of the AJAX Control Toolkit foound on now contains the Obout HTML Editor.  This means if you do not need any other Obout controls, and only need the HTML Editor, you can get it for free!!!  Also, I would assume this means there should be a bit more support with it.  I would also guess the grid will start to fill up with more people with implementation experiences.

Good luck!
3/6/2008 2:35:01 PM

Just a bit of an update for anyone out there reading this, or needing help with this, I've gotten the Obout editor to work with my update panels.  I've also implemented the timer extension to save a draft every minute.  I will try to answer any questions you might have.  Alternatively, the support at Obout is quite responsive.

Good luck!
1/31/2008 9:53:48 AM


I am having issues with Obout HTML editor in a MS Ajax UpdatePanel. I get alot of javascript object required errors.
Any tips? Can't find any info anywhere.

[email protected]

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